Being in charge of planning a party can be a big responsibility. Whether you’re planning for a birthday party, a wedding anniversary, a graduation celebration or just an all out bash to celebrate a holiday, there are many things to consider before the big day. By choosing to use a party hire service, you can eliminate many of the stressors that come with finding individual retailers for equipment, coming up with unique party ideas and making that perfect evening possible.

With a party hire service, there are a variety of lighting, decorative and interactive pieces of equipment you can rent. These include (but are not limited to): tables, speakers, microphones, bollards, lighting kits, black lights, bar tables, disco balls, strobe lights, strip lights, lasers, wireless microphones, red carpets, dance floors, jukeboxes, cocktail tables, heaters and much more. Party hire supplies are growing in demand because of the wide variety of options available to rent, with low 24-hour rates that will keep the party pumping well into dawn. Many sites also offer lowest price guarantees, where if you’re able to bring in a cheaper price, they will beat it by a certain percent. Five and ten percent are the most commonly used discounts in this industry, considering they don’t want to lower their prices too much.

Food creation items are also a big hit with party hire services; cotton candy machines, popcorn machines, cocktail machines, chocolate fountains, slushy machines and hot dog stands are some of the more popular items rented out by customers. Usually, you will be provided with an endless amount of ingredients in order to keep feeding your hungry party guests all night. The price of the ingredients is included in the equipment rental, so there’s no need to worry (this is for more party hire services, make sure to check with yours before jumping to conclusions).

With most of the larger equipment rentals, you can also receive multiples of the same items for a discounted cost. One common piece of party hire equipment that is rented out in bulk is portable heaters made of stainless steel. These sleek and innovative heaters are designed to keep partygoers warm into the wee hours of the morning, no matter what the venue.

No matter what you decide on renting for your party, a party hire service is a great place to find the equipment you’ll need at some great rates.